LOW RATE for openings and closings, including attached Spa!


Spring Pool Opening $400*

Cover removal, Water level adjustment, Winter Plug Removal, Verify clean filter and reassemble if necessary, Startup all pool equipment, Repair equipment if necessary- additional charge,  up to 1 hr vacuum, backwash/clean cartridge filters, brush walls, shock pool, Handrails/Ladders installation. Clean debris from pool heater if necessary. Additional charge for extra visit(s) to clean pool unless you have a summer maintenance program. * Higher rate may apply for some very large and complex pools.



Summer Pool Service $80*/weekly $100*/Biweekly

Skimming and vacuuming of pool. Water testing and chemicals added as needed. Empty skimmers and pump basket. Backwash filter as needed. *All chemicals included except salt (for salt pools) and there is an additional charge of $20 weekly or $40 biweekly if chlorine tablets are used, due to tablet shortage. 

Winter Pool Cover Replacement/Repair/Installation

Having issues with your pool cover from all the snow this past winter? Let us provide a competitive estimate to replace that old cover.  We sell and install durable mesh safety pool covers, solid safety pool covers & solid pool covers with water bags. Click for more details

Salt Upgrade/Pool Equipment Repair/Upgrade $100/hr plus parts

Tired of searching for those expensive 3″ chlorine tablets and prefer to convert to salt? We can quickly diagnose and repair your pool equipment issues to ensure your pool stays open all summer long.   Want to save on your electric usage and/or control your pool from your phone?   Let us help you affordably upgrade your equipment and controls. 

Fall Pool Closing Winterization $400*

Lower water level, All equipment emptied of water, Blow out pool, spa and water feature lines, Install winter plugs and skimmer guards/gizzmos – additional charge if new plugs or guards/gizzmos are needed, Sand filters are backwashed, DE/Cartridge filters are taken apart and cleaned, uninstall Handrails/Ladders, Add winterizing chemicals – basic winter kit included. Cover installation. * SAFE-T-ZONE Winter Kit Upgrade recommended for Concrete or Fiberglass pools with Mesh Covers for an additional $50.  Higher rate may apply for some very large and complex pools.

Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

Is your inground or above ground pool liner stained, wrinkled, leaking or just outdated?  We can quickly replace your liner with a beautiful new premium liner.  We can also add steps, benches, matching trim colors and other features to further enhance your inground pool. Click for more details

Pool Leak Repair $100/hr plus parts

Water usage high?  Unless the nights are very cold and your water is warm, you likely have a leak.  Let us diagnose the issue before it gets worse.

Tile/Coping/Expansion Joint Repair

Tired of looking at missing tiles or loose coping?  Has the caulk failed in your expansion joint, allowing water to penetrate between the decking and coping causing damage to the coping and tiles?   Let us repair these areas, so you can get more life out of your concrete pool for a small fraction of the cost of a complete renovation.

Winter Service $100/visit

Throughout the winter routinely check pool cover, plugs, water level, water condition. Drain water as needed to avoid damage to tile and coping. This is very important as ice can cause damage as shown in the picture.



NJ Reg #13VH10939900, Fully Insured, Pool and Hot Tub Alliance certified

Service Available 7 days a week. Emergency Service also Available

Servicing Hunterdon County and parts of Warren and Somerset counties in NJ

One Year Warranty on Labor/Installation. Manufacturer Warranty on Products/Equipment