Family owned and operated. Our home in Pittstown came with a large above ground pool and we maintained all aspects of that pool ourselves for 14 years.  Then in 2011 we decided to install the pool below.  The pool builder only installed the pool and spa up to the tile line with minimum pool filtration equipment.  The landscaper built the waterfall, the retaining wall and faced the spa and wall with real rock. Our family installed all of the travertine coping, travertine decking, aluminum fencing, drainage piping and drains, perennial flowers and plants. Our family also installed all electric and electric sub-panel to the house, bonding, waterfall pump, propane heater, salt generators, jump/diving board, Sonos amp with Klipsch outdoor speakers, mesh winter cover, solar cover, backyard Wifi access point and the iAqualink control (controls all functions of pool and spa from all our phones and devices.)  Finally we added furniture from Frontgate and have an awesome oasis. 

We have been maintaining all aspects of our oasis below for almost the entire 9 + years. That includes mesh cover removal, pool openings, summer maintenance, water balance, solar cover replacement, fall winterization, mesh cover installation, pump repair, salt generator repair, spa blower repair, heater repair, light repair, etc.  We learned so much that we want to share our knowledge by helping others. To ensure we have a broad knowledge of all pools, our family became Certified Pool & Spa Service Technicians by the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance

Our Oasis


Making the Oasis